I don't know about you guys, but I'm really pissed off.

I'm really tired of this hypocrisy from some of these bronies. I'm tired of it.

"Durr! Kill it with fire! Durr!" "Blegh! This is 20% more awful!" "Thank God for Lauren Faust!"

Seriously, I'm beginning to question whether or not these "fans" are true fans when they rip apart the old MLP's. Personally, I'm very staunch when it comes to respecting what a franchise originally was before its prime, a franchise's roots. I mean really, sure they can dislike them for all we care, but could they not at least respect MLP's origins? Would Friendship is Magic/Gen 4 be here without the franchise's roots? Yeah, FiM is outstanding for being able to reach out to a wider demographic and completely disregarding the idiotic 'gender rules', per se. But still, at its core, it's always been targeted to the young girls audience and it's going to remain that way. *sigh*

Again, I don't regret being a brony, but this is one of several reasons that make me feel ashamed to be one.