I really need to get this out because it seems that a lot of bronies are up in arms (again) about this.

What's everyone's take on this? Is it good? Is it going to suck? Do you guys think it's inevitable?

Personally, I'm indifferent towards it. Really, it's because the pros and cons don't outweigh one another.

For one, the guys at Disney really don't shove their noses where they don't belong. If they did, their acquisitions such as the Marvel franchises would have gone down the toilet (thank God for the well-done Avengers movie). The only exception to this is when they acquired most of Fox; has anyone seen the Disney Power Rangers seasons? God, they were grating to the soul.

One downside I could see to this is their attitude towards a (somewhat) grassroots fandom such as ours where we technically have had multiple accounts of copyright breaches. Then again, the fanon/fan content is simply a gesture of our appreciation for the show and the crew's efforts. Disney doesn't take as kindly to that behavior as a company like Hasbro does. If that's the case, then we can kiss the fandom goodbye.

And looking back at their track record, Disney media has been great in quality for the most part (I'm really looking forward to Wreck-It Ralph). That makes one feel reassured that everything will work out.

Then there's the corporate side of things. The dark side. Knowing Disney for a long time, this is probably another one of their attempts at becoming a monopoly. Again, looking at their track record, they seem close to achieving that goal. But this could be a good thing for Hasbro for many reasons - increased exposure (not that they're an obscure company to begin with), increased revenue streams, the lot.

Add to that the history between Disney and Hasbro. One example is the license for the Potato Head toy line to be featured in the immensely successful Toy Story trilogy. This is another sign that the merger WILL happen.

I dunno, I'm iffy about this. I'm neither ecstatic nor uproarious toward this.

What about you guys? What do you think?

More importantly, do any of you think that this acquisition will mean the Mouse's hand meddling with Friendship is Magic in any shape or form?