May I have your attention please?

May I have your attention please?

Will the real Pinkie Pie please stand up?

I repeat. Will the real Pinkie Pie please stand up?

We got a little dilemma here

Verse 1:

Y’all act like you’ve never seen a pink pony last time

Eyes open wide, thinking “Man, she’s out of her mind.”

But to tell you the truth, I’m just perfectly fine

It’s just another day with Auntie Pinkie Pie

(I’m a year older than you)

Everybody goin’ “Oh wait! No wait, that’s kinda bad.”

“Did you read ‘Cupcakes’? Man, have you gone mad?”

And Lauren Faust’d say…

Nothing, you idiots!

Lauren Faust’s away, I made her into a cupcake (Just kidding!)

My bronies’re lovin’ what they see with their eyes

“Oh, hey! Yeah, you! Over here, Miss Pinkie Pie!”

“Man, whaddya think yer doin’?! I’m her guy!”

“Ha! But lookin’ at you’s a poke in the eye!”

Yeah, maybe I give Pegasus ponies wingboners

That’s just ‘cause I’m sweet, just like Sugarcube Corner

I’m just singin’ my heart out like “la la la”

And lettin’ loose, like back at Canterlot, at the Gala

Watch me jump around! Check m’ cutie mark out!

I just wanna see a smile, not a frown

That’s what I tell all the little kids around town

My lessons travellin’ faster than even the speed of sound

Of course they gonna know how to party, how to get one started

Go “It’s yo’ birthday!”, know what the art is

We ain’t nothing but just fillies, well some of us silly

Yea, I’m talkin’ ‘bout you too, Derpy! (hurr durr)

But if we’re being watched by a bunch of grown men

Then good! No harm done, ‘cause we show ‘em how to be a friend

And now I’d like to take this time to ask you all

To come celebrate with me, tear down the fourth wall


I’m Pinkamena, yes I’m the real Pinkamena

All you other Pinkamena’s, fake like John Cena

So won’t the real Pinkamena hop, skip and jump

Hop, skip and jump

Hop, skip and jump

‘Cause I’m Pinkamena, yes I’m the real Pinkamena

All you other Pinkamena’s, fake like John Cena

So won’t the real Pinkamena hop, skip and jump

Hop, skip and jump

Hop, skip and jump

Verse 2:

Katy Perry can’t sing just to save her life

But I don’t need to

So away with her! And you haters, too!

You think I really care about an Emmy?

A lot of you don’t get me

You ask it in the mail that you send me

But Pinkie, if you guys win, won’t it be strange?

Why, is it because you guys think I’m deranged?

So you can get me here, hoping that my plans have changed

Big Macintosh’s comin’, time to fix my mane

So I can sit next to Rarity and Applejack

And hear ‘em talk about things behind her brother’s back

Silly filly, I ain’t juvenile like Apple Bloom

Or Sweetie Belle or teeny-weeny scooter-ridin’ Scootaloo

Time to hit Equestria Daily’s forums

Or 4chan, or ponychan, or whatever kills the boredom (Ten. Seconds. Flat.)

I’m sick of all you network tyrants and trolls

You’re really getting old, so on behalf of my fillies and colts

I’mma say this now before it’s too late, haters gonna hate

Haters think they’re mighty and great (pffft‼)

But in reality, they just can’t get a date

Ah, oh well. I guess we’ll just love and tolerate, eh?


Verse 3:

The six of us are your gateway drug. Yeah, welcome to the herd

Time to get behind the keyboard and spread the word

But don’t let them naysayers get the best of ya

And just leave the trolling to almighty Celestia

Whoa! Talk about Elements of Harmony

It’s a no-brainer that Laughter’s a part of me (hahahaha)

And then you got the Magic, then Kindness and then Loyalty

Then Honesty, followed by Generosity

Don’t you see? It’s a pony global domination

We’re making waves in every single television


At the toy stores and internet, we’re the mane sensation

We’re sensations and pretty much the salvation to animation

And everypony’s a Pinkie Pie secretly hidden

He or she could be so random and make everypony listen


Or making a lot of things 20% cooler

Like this song that’s playing now, and you know you just can’t boo her

So would the real Pinkie please reveal yourself

Raise your hooves to stand out from everypony else

And be proud to be random and fun and fancy free

Come on, mane six! Altogether now! DJ Pon-3!

(Chorus x2)

Ha ha. Looks like we’re all Pinkie Pie’s, huh? Yay!

Come on, my bronies and pegasisters. Let’s all stand up.

DJ Pon-3! Octavia! Gimme the beat!

M to the L to the P

Friendship is Magic