It isn't how I expected it to be...

Nords (people who live up in the north, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian etc...) are toughened by the cold air and cruel nature. Since these crystal ponies live up in the north as well, I expected them to be a bit more... Well, realistic. All nordic cultures have few things in common. Everyone is unyielding and hard worker. Sure, we have a good taste for spiced beers and usually violentic, even without alcohol...

Nords have done many great things, in our own way. Vikings, as an example, were feared berserker warriors. They were hardened as much as person could ever be, much like Spartans. Sweden made a lot of great military expeditions through Europe during the Thirty years' war. Men, far from home, fought for their king without fear. I'm not sure about the time, but Finnish people walked back from Siberia, edges of Russia, back home to Finland. Through frozen tundra, only having rotten mean and thin clothing.

So, this is what I 'hoped' for another nordic culture to be, but at the beginning, they show no marks of being what nords have always been.

My thoughts... People don't need to agree with them

[It looks like this turned into a debate between me and Heart-8hNote-Interrobang ... ]