I would appriciate it if you could give me some info about yourself :-) Just a few questions that I would like answered.

What Is your age? (Reason I ask this question is because I would like to know the average age of the people on this wiki. You don't need to give exact age, you can for example say 20+ or 16+, something like that)

How much brony are you from 1 to 10? (The reason for this question, well it's some intel I need for a later blog that I'm planing on posting)

1 - Not a brony at all.

2 - Seen a few epsiodes, still not a big fan. 

3 - Seen some episodes, but don't talk much about it

4 - Seen a season or two, the ponies are kinda cute but I don't talk about the show much.

5 - Seen all the seasons once and that's enough, episodes were good but wouldn't watch again. 

6 - Seen all the seasons and still don't wanna watch 'em again. I like to talk a little about the show to other bronies, and ponies are awesome!

7 - Seen all the episodes and could maybe watch 'em again. I like to talk about the show.

8 - Seen all the episodes and would gladly watch them again, and I love to talk about the show to bronies.

9 - Seen all the episodes and would love to watch them again, I have a brony cap that I walk around with and maybe a T-shirt or two. I loove to talk about the show to everypony.

10 - Did someone say ponies!?!? I love the show! I watch it everyday and talk about it to my brony friend all the time!!!

(You can say what you want after you tell me how much of a brony you are, but I just put in some random things) 

Just to add, do you like talking about the show, and do you even like the show? (Just a random question that I would like a answer for)