Hi there! I'm just curious, how did you guys out there become a Brony? I would love to hear your story! I like to read that sort of thing :-D

Well, scince Im asking for your story, I might as well give you mine: 

I was a bored 16 year old boy (man) browsing youtube, looking for some fun videos. After a little browsing through random videos, I got to that weird part og youtube one can say. On the right (were the videos are shown) I saw a video of MLP (season 2 episode 13 Baby Cakes), and I thought "Why the hell not, I'll give it a chance". I thought the episode was realy fun and entartaining, and I got this special feeling that I can't explain... After that episode, I saw another one from season three (Sleepless in Ponyville) and I got the same feeling... I just wanted more and more of this feeling and so I started whatching the show.. and I started loving the ponies and the happines so much that It turned me into a Brony!

Whats your story?