Hi to whoever is reading this. I need help, seriously.. I desperately need a Brony friend, or pegasister if so! If you do not live in my country or so, well that doesn't matter, cuz I just need someone that I can talk about the show to, talk about the ponies to. I am tired of watching it with only myself. I've gotten so lonely that I even watch blind commentaries of the show on youtube, and I PRETEND that I am watching It with them. It doesn't matter if you've seen the episodes, as long as you can watch em again. I would be awesome! We could watch the show over skype, talk about it over skype, and maybe, argue of who is the best pony over skype! :-D :-D :-D

I am 17 years old (08.11.2014), live in Norway, gender male and I am searching for some Brony friends around my age. 

Please, if you are able to help a lonely brony, please contact me quick. And it would be nice if you're like in scale 8/10 brony, which means I hope you like the show much.

I am desperately waiting for answers.. :-(