I know that this is a commonly asked question on the community blog, but I'm going to ask anyway cuz I'm to lazy to scroll down and find these blogs, and cuz I'm still curious on what YOUR favourite or most enjoyable episode is!

It can stand between several episodes if you want. And I know for some It might be hard to chose because, maybe you don't wanna favourite anyone, or maybe you like 'em all. Thats just how I am, I find it hard to favourite an episode cuz I kinda like 'em all. But If you don't have any favourites, then you can say which one you enjoyed the most. 

Scince I can't favourite anyone, here's the ones I enjoyed the most:

Season 3 Episode 7: Wonderbolt Academy

Reason: I love the thought about Rainbow Dash kinda joining the "military", cuz that's what the Wonderbolt Academy is like right? Or am I mistaken? Meh, whatever. Anyways, I also think that the wonderbolts and espacialy Spitfire are some cool ponies! Besdies that, it was cool, funny, awesome, radical and It had a good plot. And that they put a character like Lighting Dust in the episode, and made her on the team with Rainbow Dash made the whole episode so much more enjoyable. 

Season 3 Episode 8: Apple Family Reunion

Reason: Well I can say here and now that It's because of Applejack I loved this episode. I mean, I love all the episodes were Applejack is like the "Main character", but I'm not going to name them all here :-P . Another reason is because this episode had the best song EVAR! That's the biggest reason of all! I mean, am I the only one that thinks Applejack has the best and most awesome singing voice ever!? I love to re-watch the series and I that's the episode I'm looking most forward to re-watching. 

Season 2 Episode 19: Putting Your Hoof Down

Reason: Iron Will. His voice was so awesome! And I loved the epic entrance he had at the canterlot labyrinth. I didn't hate the way Fluttershy behaved, that didn't affect my thought on the episode at all! I actualy kinda thought it was cool and made the episode more enjoyable. 

There is ALOOOOOT MORE episodes that I enjoy, but I just wanted to get done with this blog and post it. So here is some of the episodes I enjoy the most, what's yours?