Hay there! (wink)

Rain Chaser here with another discussion blog (wink2). My last discussion blog didn't go so well as I planed, so I am going to try again and maybe one more.. It all depends if this blog does well. This blog need to get 10 comments from 10 different useres if I'm going to keep doing this. 

So todays topic is "The Brony Fandom". What I want you guys to do is to get out your thoughts about the brony fandom. What stuff do you like or dislike, what's cool about the fandom and what's bad, whatever you are thinking of when I mention "The Brony Fandom". I'm not going to say what I think of it just because I don't want to steal your thoughts. 

I'll leave the rest to you now (aj)

FANMADE Pinkie Pie by AtomicGreymon