Okay I know this question has been asked many times before, but I've seen that there has not been much comments on the latest blog posts lately. I thought "have people gotten a little lazy when it comes to commenting or are just the blogs not interesting anymore?". So I wanted to try to get the comments going. I just posted the first thing that came to my head, and that was "Who is best pony and why". I'll start:

Applejack is best pony

Applejack and Apple Bloom looking at each other S2E05

Who wouldn't want an complete honest friend? The rest of the Mane 6 are lucky to have Applejack as a friend, she is known for being 100% honest all of the time. I've also seen her allways stand loyal to her friends, eventhough that isn't her element. She is the best big sister a little sister could ever have, and she's allways there to help anypony! She's also cute, adorable and she has the coolest accent in the world. It's so cool that even I wish that I could change my accent for THAT accent. Also I love apples, so she also has best cutie mark. She knows that by you allways have to play fair, even if another team isn't playing fair. I quote Applejack "there is no point in winning if we cheat", if that isn't the sound of the most fair player ever, "then I'm just all out of ideas" (ten points to whoever gets that quote). 

Anyone wanna argue against me? If not, then it's proven RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW that Applejack is best pony.