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  • RainbowDash8

    An Episode Idea

    July 25, 2015 by RainbowDash8

    I have an idea for an episode.

    The CMC try to do something to get their cutie marks, when Apple Bloom gets into a freak accident and ends up hurting herself. Because of her injury, she had to stay home for a week. The next day, some very fun event known as the Mane Fun Fair takes place, but she wasn't able to go. She felt alone and sad because she saw everyone having fun. When her friends came to visit, she refused to admit she was hurt and decides to sneak out.

    Apple Bloom was limping with her friends to the fair when Diamond & Silver tease her for her injury. Apple Bloom snaps and yells at them for all the teasing they have done in the past. She winced in pain. Sweetie Belle gets worried and tells her she needs to rest her injury. Apple Bl…

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  • RainbowDash8

    Here is my list of made-up Season 6 episodes. These are just random ideas. 

    Foal Of Cuteness

    Twilight accidentally casts a spell on Ponyville, turning everyone into babies. She tries to find a spell that will change everyone back to normal.

    Ponyzoid Sightings

    Rumors go around about alien ponies coming to Ponyville. The rumors became true, as Ponyzoids come to Ponyville. The girls find a way to keep them out of town.

    Another Magical Mystery Cure?!

    The girls have their cutie marks switched.

    The Fictional Mess-Up

    Little Red Riding Filly, the Giant Stallion, and the Three Little Colts mysteriously escaped from their storybooks.

    Evil Elements Of Harmony

    The girls encountered their male evil equivalents.

    My Little Party Pony

    Pinkie's long-lost little brothe…

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  • RainbowDash8

    My Drawings!

    May 24, 2015 by RainbowDash8

    Hey everypony! It's Dashie, and I have some drawings to share with you.

    I'll post more, if I can.

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