I have an idea for an episode.

The CMC try to do something to get their cutie marks, when Apple Bloom gets into a freak accident and ends up hurting herself. Because of her injury, she had to stay home for a week. The next day, some very fun event known as the Mane Fun Fair takes place, but she wasn't able to go. She felt alone and sad because she saw everyone having fun. When her friends came to visit, she refused to admit she was hurt and decides to sneak out.

Apple Bloom was limping with her friends to the fair when Diamond & Silver tease her for her injury. Apple Bloom snaps and yells at them for all the teasing they have done in the past. She winced in pain. Sweetie Belle gets worried and tells her she needs to rest her injury. Apple Bloom starts to yell at her, saying that she's fine and that she's a tough pony.

While at the fair, she tries to ignore the pain and goes to play some of the games. Then another freak accident happened and her injury became worse. Applejack brings her home and tells her sister she needs to rest. Still, Apple Bloom did not listen and sneaks out of the barn again. She limps to one attraction and ends up falling into a ball pit. She couldn't get out because of her injury, and yells for help.

Applejack comes to the rescue and brings her sister home again. She is angry with her for ignoring her doctor's orders. They almost got into an argument, and Apple Bloom is alone again in her room. It makes her upset that she's missing out on such a fun event. Suddenly, it began to rain and the Mane Fun Fair is closed for the rest of the day, upsetting Apple Bloom even more. She convinced the owner to keep the fair open, but he couldn't because of the storm.

Applejack goes to check on her sister, when she saw that she's upset. Apple Bloom admits that she's not upset. Then, she walked out of the room. After a few minutes passed, Apple Bloom snapped. She threw a pillow across the room and began crying. Applejack heard her crying and began to comfort her. She told her that it's never okay to bottle up your emotions.

So what do you think?