Episode 1: The Day of The Cider (dun dun dun)

(Rainbow Dash is flying in the sky and Applejack notices her)

Applejack: Howdy Rainbow Dash

(Rainbow Dash flies down to Applejack)

Rainbow Dash: Hey A.J.! How's it going with your apple farm?

Applejack: It's going just fine at Sweet Apple Acres! I tell ya, Apple Bloom was helping me applebuck today, and she allmost kicked all the apples out of the tree on the first kick. When we were done, Granny Smith had baked some apple pie for us and It tasted delicious.

Rainbow Dash: Wow! Speaking of delicious, when are you gonna make that cider?!

Applejack: Oh shoot, I thought Pinkie Pie told you. The rest of our friends are at Sweet Apple Acres drinking some cider right now! They've helped me with my chores today so this was kind of a reward. I was gonna invite you, but then I remembered that you like to take naps around this time. You can still come if you want, but you gotta hurry, Pinkie is going crazy with the cider drinking.

(over at Sweet Apple Acres)

Apple Bloom: Pinkie Pie! That’s your fifth glass now!

Rainbow Dash: PINKIE PIE! I'm coming over there!! Save some for me!

(Rainbow Dash flying fast throught ponyville)(Scootaloo is trying another attempt to fly with her scooter) Scootaloo: Whoa!

(Rainbow Dash flies close to Scootaloo and she then ducks) Go for it, Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash: "Thanks squirt!" (Rainbow Dash finally arrives to sweet apple acres) Pinkie Pie: Hahahahahaha This tastes soooooooooooo gooooooood! Give me another shot of cider. Rainbow Dash: I have that it right in my hooves, Pinkie Pie! (Rainbow Dash drinks all of the cider) Ha!

Pinkie Pie: (Pinkie Pie Cries) Why did you take it off me? (Pinkie sniffs) Rainbow Dash: Applejack, here are sixteen bits for of the four last drinks of cider!

Pinkie Pie: (Dumps cucakes in the barrel full of cider) Rainbow Dash: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not the cider! (RD grabs one of the cupcakes and throws it at Pinkie Pie)

Pinkie Pie: (Shoves a cake in the party cannon and fires it at Rainbow Dash) Rainbow Dash: Thats it! (Rainbow Dash brings in a cloud and makes it rain on Pinkie Pie) Until there is cider again, I will do this to you! Pinkie Pie: (Grabs onto the apple cider barrel and splashes it all over Rainbow Dash)

Rainbow Dash: My friend, you have just entered the great cider war! I have another surprise for you though! (20 minutes later, Rainbow Dash takes all of Pinkie Pie's cupcakes at the sugar cube corner) Pinkie Pie: NOOOOOOOOOOO! Not my Cupcakes!

Rainbow Dash: You have been warned Pinkie Pie. Or my name isn't Rainbow Dash! (Pinkie Pie knocks out Rainbow Dash with another cake)(Ten minutes later, Rainbow Dash wakes up and is trapped in Pinkie Pie's Oven)

RD: How the heck did I get in here! (Rainbow Dash