1) Still 1-12,17,21-22,26-27,31-32 From last blog post

2) Bad explanation for how the mlp mane 5 get their magic.

3) After what happened in the last movie, Sunset expects people to be nice to her?!

4) Battle of the Bands idea? OOOOOOHHHHHHHH! That's sooo awesome (not really).

5) The Dazzling's songs are much better than the sonic rainbooms' (and they're are the villians!)

6) More character information from the Dazzlings!

7) Why do the mane six (including Sunset Shimmer) see the green smoke, but not the others?

8) Sunset Shimmer calls the Dazzlings weird? What about everything else that happened in the first movie?

9) Oh, so the magical motebook that Sunset Shimmer has just pops up in this movie? This would've made the first movie more interesting!

10) Why is everyone against RD! Thats just messed up, yo!

11) Vinyl Scratch helped the mane 7 and yet, she doesn't talk or get ponified!

12) Flash still likes TS, even when she left without saying goodbye?!

13) FlashxTwilight is too questionable!

14) Why is Aria Blaze the only teenage girl without a skirt?

15) Why isn't Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity concerned about their younger siblings and Scootaloo?

16) Isn't Maud older than Pinkie? And what about he rother sisters?

17) Didn't Trixie turn good? Why did they make her a jerk again?

18) Sunset tried to help cover their magic. Shouldn' they be a little grateful?

19) While the mane five were fighting, why didn't they see the fog?! THE FOG ISN'T INVISBLE, YA KNOW!

20) Really...friendship lessons again?

21) Wasn't it more interesting when TS couldn't go to their world anymore?

22) The epilogue doesn't make any sense.

Eight more no-no's from the last movie. Dang!