Hey guys! I don't want to upset some of you eg fans, but I was really disappointed in it πŸ‘Ž Here are some reasons why

1. Why does every girl (at least most) have to wear a skirt? Even RD! Unbelievable! I don't even like skirts.


3. Why is everyone's skin lighter?
Rainbow Dash guiding the birds S1E11

Ex. 1

Rainbow Dash being chased by birds EG2

Ex. 2 (see the difference? I guess even birds hate EG)

4. Why do they have most of their regular color? Couldn't you given them horns or wings?!

5. Really, why high school?

6. How old are the cmc and the other younger characters?

7. Seriously? Twilight went from princess of Equestria to student again?

8. If Celestia is principal, does Mayor Mare have higher control? Wha?

9. EG Luna doesn't even look like mlp version.

10. Tacky songs! it burns!

11. Dislike new hair changes.

12. Twilight leaves FS and doesn't even say bye. Harsh.

13. When do kids go to school dances?

14. Seriously, no one had a date.

15. Why didn't the mane five talk it out before they went to walk it out? Dumbies.

16. Dresses? Meh.

17. Seriously, isn't anyone freaking out in the movie about six students turning into pony like people?

18. After something crazy just happened, they resume to their DANCE?! If I did have a dirty mouth, I would curse right now.

19. Just sing a song and everyone will love you. One of the lessons of this movie.

20. It doesn't really have a good plot. Go to human world...go against mean the as the princess as the

21. Why don't R or TS get any horns?

22. Too many high shoes.

23. TS could've used magic to shoot SS in order to grab back her crown.

24. Ooh, the interrogation scene long! (sarcasm)

25. And you would believe it would be super hard for Twilight to use fingers or to stand up.

26. What are the cmc called?!

27. No one went to class at all!!!


29. How does RD fly instantly?!

30. How long was Twilight gone for?

31. Do they sew the cutie marks on? Because who would make clothes that specific? That is so confusing.

32. How are cutie marks viewed in their world!?

I feel ssssooooooooo much better now! 😎