Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

aka Sakiko

  • I live in In a tree
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is To kick some ashes
  • I am *Information not contained*
  • Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    Yesterday I found out one of my friends in my grade in my school fell in a frozen lake and died. His uncle Eddie did too. I am so heart broken. Today was the worst day of my life. Me and friends could not stop crying. At lunch I found out my friend wants to go out with my boyfriend. Which made it even worse. My depression level is at a limit. That is why I am having a sleepover this weekend with 5 of my Bff's. I wrote a note to my bf telling him that is okay to break up with me. I said "If you break up with me I want you to say.... You hate me and i am worthless." I gave it to him after 6th period. I need prayed for and so does my dead friend's family, could you please. I have been sobbing and crying all day long. Thank you.

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  • Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    I have been through alot of depression lately. So i was wondering if u guys could ask me some questions about me. I am always tired and I cry myself to sleep cause I think everything is my fault with all the Drama going around with my new bf. So yeah. Lucky me...... Anyways I ate a guy once. 

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  • Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    So I have a 2 hour delay... So that is a good start off for a birthday. I don't  know how the rest of the day will go though. So I'll have to wait and see. 

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  • Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    I am bored and I will make a game cause I'm a loner. So The month you were born is what you will do and the day is who you will do that stuff with. Okay lets do this.


    Jan- Eat Gummy bear Pizza and then go to a go cart track with_____

    Feb- Play with Roger the Penguin with ______

    Mar- Get chased by deadly snakes with _______

    Apr- Play Five nights at Freddy's in the dark with the sound all the way up with ______

    May- Get transformed into a Vampire Fruit Bat with _______

    June- Blow up things with apple cider all day with _______

    July- Drive four wheelers into a hobbit hole with _______

    Aug- Try to fly with no wings with _____

    Sep- Read all day without taking a restroom break with_____

    Oct- Sing and play intruments with ____

    Nov- Make a neighborhood…

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  • Rainbow Dash's biggest fan

    It'll go as usaul. School, Home, Nothing, then my day is over. Or maybe I will change it this year. School, home, Then on the wikia. Best birthday ever! Gosh I'm such a loner

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