Okay some of you may know me as a annoying teen who is uptightly a fan of Rainbow Dash. Well that is all true. I am annoying. But not on purpose. I love Rainbow Dash. This is true. But the most important thing in my life is Friends and Family. I love all my friends. I want to be friends with all you guys. But it's hard to. Especially when I barely know you and have never met you in person. I have 2 bestie's on here:

1.) Wikialover22 (I hope that's right)

2.) Shadowgallade(I hope this is right too. If it is I'll fix it)

I wanna thank you two for being my friends. And I hope all of the people who don't like me (If there are any) we make peace and become Bff's. Thanl You for reading this. Have a very so nice fantastic day everpony:D

My fellow members of the herd,                                                                                                                        I hope you all will hear my word

You must not argue, fight, or hate,                                                                                                                    But always love and tolerate

Though some may seek to spread abuse,                                                                                                          For us insults are no use

Threw all my pain, and lost, and strife,                                                                                                              My brony freinds are my friends for life.

(Just to make it clear I didn't make that poem. And I'm a pegasister :)

Twilight's Kingdom Final Group Shot S4E26

Let's have a friendship no one can break