I am bored and I will make a game cause I'm a loner. So The month you were born is what you will do and the day is who you will do that stuff with. Okay lets do this.


Jan- Eat Gummy bear Pizza and then go to a go cart track with_____

Feb- Play with Roger the Penguin with ______

Mar- Get chased by deadly snakes with _______

Apr- Play Five nights at Freddy's in the dark with the sound all the way up with ______

May- Get transformed into a Vampire Fruit Bat with _______

June- Blow up things with apple cider all day with _______

July- Drive four wheelers into a hobbit hole with _______

Aug- Try to fly with no wings with _____

Sep- Read all day without taking a restroom break with_____

Oct- Sing and play intruments with ____

Nov- Make a neighborhood that looks exactly like Ponyville with _______

Dec- Go surfing on frozen water with ______


1- Octavia 

2- Vinyl Scratch

3- Scootaloo

4- Doctor Whooves

5- Derpy

6- Sweetie Belle

7- Rainbow Dash

8- Twilight Sparkle

9- Apple Bloom

10- Discord

11- Tirek

12- The Living Tombstone

13- Princess Celstia

14- Princess Luna

15-Pinkie Pie

16- Fluttershy

17- Apple Jack

18- Big Mac

19- Spike

20- Flash Sentry


22- Sweetie Belle

23- Lyra Heartstrings

24- Bon Bon

25- Trixie Lulamoon

26- Bulk Biceps

27- Princess Cadence

28- Shining Armor

29- King Sombara

30- Queen Chrysalis

31-Nightmare Night

Ha I love this game! goodluck
FANMADE Pinkie Pie vector 2
FANMADE art of the mane 6