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"Okay....Okay ........Okay... Is this thing on? Yes? Okay... Well hello everybody and welcome to this random blog.... I have posted many within 24 hours for no reason because i was bored ...."

Octavia: "Being bored is a reason Stormy"

"Oh okay then....Anyway I have made a choice to get to know all you ppls better and to learn how to knit a scarf"

Rainbow Dash: "Knit a scarf? Are you serious?"

"Yes my dog is very cold in the Fall thank you very much Mrs.Know it all."

Rainbow Dash: " I never said I knew it all ok?"

"I am now ignoring you....Do we have a ignore button?"

Rainbow Dash:"What the heck no we don't have a friking ignore button!"

"Are serious? What a rip off..."

Rainbow Dash: "Your a rip off"

"I'm gonna rip off your...."

Pinkie Pie: "Well hello there everybody sorry bout Stormy and Rainbow they have some issues right Apple Jack?"

Arguing in backround

Apple Jack: "Yes very much so"

Pinkie Pie: "Stormy made a choice to post this blog for people who just wanted to chat"

Octavia: "Also to say we are not a very good broadcast"

Dj pon3: "Wait we're are a broadcast?"

Octavia:" A school Broadcast....Yes?.....

Dj Pon3: "Oh boy.."

Pinkie Pie: "Well that's all for today folks until next time..."

Apple Jack, Octavia, Dj pon3, and Pinkie: "Have a wonerful day"

  • All walk out of office without RD and Stormy knowing.
  • fighting finally stops

"Well girls and guys thank you for joining us today and have a nice da...."

"Wait it's not on!"

Rainbow Dash: "Your so stupid"

  • Stormy throughs micro-Phone at Rainbow's Head.
  • Rainbow Dash turns around and attacks Stormy

Scootaloo: "Do they allways do this?"

Apple Bloom: "Yeah?"

Sweetie Belle: "Do you think we can earn our badges at fighting Mrs.Cheerilee?"

Mrs.Cheerilee:"Uhh.....Girls Let's go outside okay?"

Cutie Mark Crusaders: "OKAY!"
CHS public address system EG2