Hiya! :) Find ur favorite food than animal. Once you do put them together! My would be fudge turtle.

A.Fudge    B.lolliops   C. Cake   D.Muffins   E. Pancakes    F. Gummy bears  G.waffles   H.Sour Patch Kids

I.Sugar Daddy's   J. Skittles       K. cottton candy       L.   Starburst        M. Hamburgers   N. Fries      O.  Salad     P.Fruit    Q.Veggies   R.Nachos    S.Ice cream T. Pie

If ur favorite food isn't up there just post it and i'll put it up there. Or favorite animal.

A.Dog    B.Turtle    C.Alligator (any type)  E.Bunny  F.Bears (any type)  G.Horses   H.Jellyfish    

I.Pigs     J.Dinosuars    K. Giraffe       L. Lizards   M.Monkeys    N. Bats       O. Owl's     P.Zebra    Q.Shark

R. Rhinos   S.Foxes   T. Reptiles                                                                                                            
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