So i've been thinking that since Scootaloo loves Rainbow Dash than maybe in the new season she will either spend more time with her or maybe not.... I really want them to find like family history and find out that Scootaloo is either her sis or cousin.. It would be amazing! Just like Pinkie Pie and AJ!! Except i think she is her 2nd cousin..... But anyways I was searching online and found these so I hope u like them!! But i didn't make them :D 

FANMADE My Little Investigations Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.jpg

This is sad

FANMADE Rainbow and Scootaloo under the moon

FANMADE Rainbow and Scootaloo SFM 3D

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FANMADE RD and Scoots as Batmare and Robin

FANMADE Rainbow Dash playing with Scootaloo

How adorable