Hey guys! RD fan2 here, and this blog is going to be about Twilight. Some bronies or Pegasisters are pretty mad for Twilight being Alicorn. Well, I am too sorta like its just my opinion though. The Elements are uneven now, like before Twilight & Rarity are the only unicorns in th Elements. Now that Twilight is an Alicorn, Rarity is now the only unicorn in the Elements of Harmony. Some people are even convincing people, or people in Hasbro to change Twilight Sparkle, as you know. Im not going to convince, but I am going to say is that I think Twilight should be back as Unicorn. Many people dont really care and thats fine with me. All I need to know is people's opinion about Twilight being Alicorn. My reaction was pretty suprise and knowing the rumors was true, so I guess I have to deal with it.I also cant believe PC (Princess Celestia) was actually singing in that episode : Celestia's Ballad (Twilight's Destiny) - MLP FiM - Princess Celestia (song+mp3) [HD - YouTube]

Well, in my opinion, PC was being a stalker. Cameras everywhere, so I guess you can expect big things from the princess of Equestria. 

That episode has the most songs of all episodes of MLP FIM. I here alot of people a like this song:

A True, True Friend - MLP FiM Song [1080p MP3 - YouTube]

I like that too because I have no friends like that XD. So I guess that song is pretty official. 

The next season is probably about Equestria girls when the main six maybe humans.We don't know for sure but to the looks of me, Hasbro is making MLP FIM even worse. I mean come on, Twlight being Alicorn is making alot of Bronies or Pegasisters either does'nt mind at all, or hated that idea. If that rumor was true, the bronies or Pagasisters are going crazy.

FANMADE Octavia and DJ PON-3 meme

There were alot of Internet fights about that. I guess its making alot of fights these days.MLP FIM is pretty much the first generation I've seen, but right now, I am watching the old Generations:

G4 Rainbow Dash's reaction to G3 Rainbow Dash. - YouTube

Before I became a Pegasister, I only watched the old generations of MLP. It was pretty much a nightmare. Unlike some bronies, they said G3 is awesome O.O. 

Well this is all I got to say for now so hope tp see you soon! :]

Here' s the episode if you want to see it again, or if you didn't watch it:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Season 3, Episode 13 - Magical Mystery Cure - 1080p HD - YouTube

Or, if you got bored reading this, you might want to watch this:

Message from Twilight Sparkle - BlackGryph0n - YouTube

Pinkie Pie momentarily belches fire S1E16