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  • I live in Somewhere in the US
  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is Student obviously
  • I am Male
  • Rainbow LSD Gorilla

    Seriously don't. Not in a blog form. It's pointless to just ask countless questions on a blog, having expectations to have them all answered. Just talk to me on chat if you want questions answered.

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  • Rainbow LSD Gorilla

    Hello, it is I, Rainbow LSD Gorilla, back with another guide on what to do to combat emotions during a hiatus. I shall be teaching people on how to deal with a hiatus. 

    Step 1: You don't

    You don't deal with a hiatus. You just end up crying and hoping it'll end soon. 

    No hiatus right now for FIM, but it'll come. They always do. 

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  • Rainbow LSD Gorilla

    Note: This blog primarily focuses on the My Little Pony Chat Room. This blog will not touch the exterior of this wiki. Also Grammar will not be perfect. 

    Hello people. This is Rainbow LSD Gorilla aka who many know as Haedman. I am here to reflect upon the years I've been on the chatroom, and I'll also reflect upon the perspectives and different opinions of many of the users who currently or once roamed on this small common to a lot of wikias chatrooms. 

    The current state of the chat to put it to a better word in my vision ehhhhh it's something. Users will most likely see some random role-play about 70% of the time, probably some long talk about Pokeman, and also witness the chat not moving at all because everyone is probably off to doing someā€¦

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  • Rainbow LSD Gorilla

    Good day people. It is it, Rainbow aka Haedman. Today I'll be making a guide on how to be a mod on this chat today. This 5 step guide will ensure you'll be a mod. 

    Step 1: Be nice as hell to users.

    Step 2: Do not ever cause any trouble on chat and be a goodie two-shoe boi or gurl

    Step 3: Make friends with chat users and then use them to support you through alliances. 

    Step 4: Be slick 

    Step 5: Be active on chat for long amount of hours 

    Now that you have followed this simple guide, go post your call for mod rights and watch it get rejected by users, especially moderators due to the following reasons.

    1. I don't think this user is ready.

    2. Too many mods

    3. I don't like this user, even if he/she is nice. 


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  • Rainbow LSD Gorilla

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