Note: This blog primarily focuses on the My Little Pony Chat Room. This blog will not touch the exterior of this wiki. Also Grammar will not be perfect. 

Hello people. This is Rainbow LSD Gorilla aka who many know as Haedman. I am here to reflect upon the years I've been on the chatroom, and I'll also reflect upon the perspectives and different opinions of many of the users who currently or once roamed on this small common to a lot of wikias chatrooms. 

Current State

The current state of the chat to put it to a better word in my vision ehhhhh it's something. Users will most likely see some random role-play about 70% of the time, probably some long talk about Pokeman, and also witness the chat not moving at all because everyone is probably off to doing something a hell lot more productive. The maturity of the newer users and some oldies, myself included, is very absent. Now I appreciate immaturity at times, of course. However, sometimes we do have to act mature and seeing some of the newer users, it can really get out of hand. Most of the chat users here, especially the newer ones, are most likely in their early teen years. Hell, some are basically at the age range of 7-10. What do you expect? I say to people. After all, we are a chatroom for a show about magical techno color ponies. who save the world with "Friendship." This is merely just an inside look of the chat details. Now in terms of opinions, they are mixed. The current active users and newer users enjoy the chat with their hug emotes (too many, I'm dead serious), lovely dubby role-play, and the kindness of some users. The users who left the chat and some old veterans think the chat is cringeworthy central with their back in my time, we didn't have this kind of crap. You also got a few users who just don't give a crap at all what the hell goes on the chat anymore. The question asked by some who care is "Is chat better now then before." The answer is purely opinion based so idk the damn answer. The chat went through hardship (Omg the forums) in its past and that'll be the next section of this blog.

Past Moments

Alright. Where do I begin with past moments? Oh boy, if you want to see some messed up crap, read the forums of this chat. Seriously it's hilarous. People be wanting users to go away, abusive mod rights 24/7, and mods leaving the wiki after they don't get what they want. I played the role as the bystander a lot, but I did get involved in some aspects. However, oh god. Secret stuff about wanting to overthrow a mod or something in Pm being leaked to others. Users talking crap behind others back. We're all guilty of it. I've seen some stupid crap on the chat back in its past, and I admit I did cause some stupid crap back then, but the point is this chat's history to say to least is well horrible. After all, we did lose many of the older members, espeically the moderators. Remember the stuff with the user something nix or some crap, yeah that was just bad. Look, if you want to look about how users felt in the past, Go on and google some of the old users. You'll find pm logs, it's all right there. I also remember some crazy crap such as the unbanning of a blocked user, the removal of democracy, and the complaints about the founder's actions on chat (occurred this year). Hold up let me make a list and restate some stuff while adding more to make this sound more sense.

1. Unbanning a banned user who was accused of trolling all the time on chat led to trouble

2. The removal of chat moderator democracy led to trouble

3. The actions of Throwy on chat led to trouble.

4.The recent complaints of Smith B. becoming a mod led to trouble

5.The actions of Nitz X's  led to full out war 

6. Complaints about the rules led to trouble

7. The opinions on how to deal with underage users led to trouble 

8. The actions of dealing with inactive mods led to trouble

9. The opinion on too many mods led to trouble.

This is just some of the things I can list on problems with the past that well some still occurs today. Look I didn't get invovled in a lot of crap, but I know this chat has its problems in the past. If you guys want to learn more, talk to someone who's been in the chat in the past like say 2012-2013. Now it's time to tackle the next topic. 

My opinion on the chat overall (The True Version)

Look I made some blogs back then about how I felt about chat. Forget all of them and listen to this one to understand how I truly feel. This is the perspective part of me, Haedman, an active member and current moderator of the chat who started on April 1, 2012.

I started off on this wiki as one of those newer users. I wasn't very bright, acted annoying, and bothered many users. I got kicked couple of times for bad behavior, and I kept coming on the chat because I was way into MLP at that time (I was around the age of 14). I made a lot of friends over my course, but later in 2012, I faced some issues with a chat user. Things got tense for me and I started to become very upset. Over the course of 2012, I acted still the same as I first joined. It was up to late 2012 where I started to feel a bit unhappy. I did some stupid crap that wasn't worth mentioning on the chat and I tried to leave the chat, but I got sucked back into it. Over the course of 2013, I started to make more friends, become more involved, and I did enjoy the moment. Things just got worst on chat with the whole stuff I mentioned. I remained neutral seeing as it was pointless for me to get invovled. 2013 wasn't so bad as I thought it to be in my experience, but then comes 2014. 2014 was the year people I like on chat began leaving the chat for good. Personal stuff, no joy on chat anymore, or etc. were some of the reasons. I started to become less happy on the mlp chat as 2014 went on. I eventually became moderator for a bit, only to have it lost after I lose it when I told an user to literally to go screw himself. After that, I stopped using the chat for the bit. I returned however to see if the chat is still good for me. After that incident, I remainded an active user on chat since later 2014. Hell I even got my rights back. So far the late 2014-2015 has been boring to me. I have my fun on chat at times, but there isn't really much to do there now for me. Most of my old buddies are gone. I can always just make new friends. Here's the kicker for me though. 

Was it worth it for me to join the chat's community? I still ask myself that question from time to time. I also had a friendlist in the past, but not today because I don't know who to really consider a friend on this wiki. I guess the ones who truly cared about me and helped me can be considered my friends. Writing this blog right now, I don't even know what the hell I'm saying for some of the stuff. I'm just one user on this wiki full of other users. Now I have to be honest here and this may be shocking.

Am I happy with chat now. Eh No, sort of. I apperciate the friendly vibes coming from the users but the constat roleplay and the behavior of the newer users kind of annoy me. Kind of bad for me to say since I'm also annoying. With some of the few users I considered a true friend gone, I question why I still use the chat. I just try to be funny, but my humor isn't too entertaing to many now of days. I just sit on chat, doing my moderator job barely, and going afk most of the time. I really don't have much of a purpose to stay on chat anymore. There isn't much else to really say from my perspective


This is just your another inside look or something about how I feel about the chat. Just another opinion and well I admit. I'm not a good user. I done my share of bad, everyone has. None of us on this chat are perfect in the slightest. Everyone thinks differnetly, there is no good or bad. Is there something wrong with us? Yes we all have our problems. I can't list every detail wrong about the chat since I don't know everything. This blog isn't exaclty the best, in fact I think it's rubbish for not proving a good point, but that's just me. I better finish this blog. 

The final questions I ask here on this blog are:

"Is the chat worth it to you in your life?" 


"Should the chat be disbanded for the greater good?" 

This is Haedman, signing off. I'm sorry for all the harm I done on the chat.

Final Note: After this blog, I'll be ready to leave the chat anytime I feel like for good and hopefully, I stick to that promise. 

Final Note DLC: To those who truly care about me and supported me, thank you for everything.