Members of this wiki. On May 18, 2014, I said some harmful words towards an user and as a result, I lost my moderator rights. I come to tell you all that I don't see myself returning to this community for a very long time or never. I know what some are thinking. Yes, I have come back to chat after I stated I was going to leave the community but a certain admin keeps convincing me to return. He has tried to convince me this time, but I ended up breaking off contact with the admin and deciding that I shouldn't return. My long outburst last Sunday has shocked some users, friends of the user I outburst to, and my friends or well past friends. 


When I first joined this wiki on April 1, 2012, I was thrilled. I found a community where I could talk about My Little Pony to users with common interest. Things started out going good and great when certain users joined the room. Things started to get rough with a certain moderator, but thankfully he left the community. Things were going good until late 2012 where I started to lose interest in the chat. Eventually I gain my interest in the chatroom again and continue to chat. 2013 was alright and suddenly, I became friends with this guy who was cool. He loved video games, we had similar interest, and overall was amazing. I made a lot more friends in 2013, but there was some sad moments. Some users I really liked left the wiki and I was sad to seeing them go. Thankfully I still have contact with some of those users, but it's sad to see them walk out of the chatroom. Later in 2013, things for me started to go downhill. With the rise of forum drama and such incidents I will not mention (read the forums), I mostly decided to stay out of such issues. Things didn't go good as my good friend and I were starting to argue. Sadly, I broke my friendship with the guy and I ended up disliking him. Chat started to talk less about ponies and more about Pokemon, which I was fine with although it was too much at times. Also, users started to role play more and I felt like I was watching a tv show on the chat. I got nothing against role play really. Anyways, the last months of 2013 were boring for me as I just sat on chat being afk (in reality,I was on youtube and playing video games). 2014, well, that's when things for me started to change. I said to myself that I don't want to be a moderator, but I thought about it since 2012. I decided to run for mod (for a second time) and I made it. I was thrilled. I felt like I was going to help chat.I, I, IIIII, ended up going afk 75% of the time and being too passive. Yes, I admit, I was a horrible mod. Moderator isn't fun, nor is being a mod. People think it's a god status where you feel quite special but it isn't. It never be, it's just a sign to say "okay, you go protect chat from bad people okay." Things went very downhill in March. And well May, heh. So overall, my experience as an user here was alright until 2014. A place I once loved and enjoyed became a place I have bad memories from. Still, the wiki's good and the chat is decent. Now, I have some words to say to users.

A list of Messages

Moonshine and the Toxic, Although we had some harsh times, you two have remained my best friends on chat. You two always bring a smile to my eyes and that's why I always message you two. I always want to talk to you even though you guys can be busy. You two really do care for me. Wish I can meet you two in real life and I apologize for all the harm I ever done to you guys (Sheds tear, wait why am I crying). We always be friends, no matter what happens, unless I do something very idiotic and stupid,but we always be the best of the best.

NoSpecificName, you are silly like me. We make good bros dude. Thanks for supporting me and being a buddy

Aphelion: Thanks for being that cool European buddy of mine. We always will have epic adventures and fight to save the world.

CallofDuty4: You are my favorite admin. You really do care for me and do you best to support me. If you're reading this, I am deeply sorry for not coming back here. I'm sorry for everything I ever did to you.

Eidlover: I have always loved you. yes I have loved others before, but my love for you is none like others. I wish we could meet in real life, but we can't sadly. You always been nice to me and we always have great conversations.

Pony and Meatball: I know you're mad at me for everything and I do apologize for everything I done to you that harmed you, but you've been supportive for me. All I can say now is thank you.

Kool: You always be le silly princess of chat. I miss you on this place

343, you're a cool dude and I really appreciate your support. Thanks

Gin, you always be the perfect example of a moderator you metal loving archangel. Be a dear and steal the souls of your enemies. I miss you

Cherno Alpha: We always be Bros.

Willow, I blame it all on you c: (Going to miss you here)

Fony, Shrek Direction and I will be sad to not be able to see you on this chat again.

Applejon, if you do read this, then well you can message me on this wiki and I explain everything.

UglyTurtle, I know we argued a lot, but we always been good friends.

I like to also mention four users who left the chat. Those four users have always been the best. One always been nice and generous. One always been that cool guy who I like to mess with sometimes. One always have common interests with me. Finally, one always gave me the best advice I ever received about this place.

Now if you guys still talk to me via other sources, it can't really be said I miss you guys since I still talk to you guys. However, I miss talking to you guys in this community and in this place.

Where would I go now and some thoughts

I still be active on wikia, just not this place. I usually be roaming wiki to wiki. I'm also active on Steam and Facebook and Skype. Just tell me who you are before I add you.

To those who have still remain to be friends with me after my outburst, thank you for still being a friend even though I said such words

To those who dislike me now due to the incident, I'm sorry. 

To those who never really cared for it nor does not appreciate me from the start, I have no words to say to you guys. 

If anyone wants to try to contact me, message me on this wiki

To those who want to never speak to me ever again, so be it. I won't bother you guys. 

Final statement

So here ends the tale of the Haedman/Professor Pickles. He became a major user of the chat and ended up becoming not the guy he was when he first joined chat. It's sad to always forgive people, even if you don't like some people. I will try to do this, but it take a long time. I say to those all of those of this place

Valete (Trying to Type in Latin)

Finally, I want User:CallofDuty4 to block this account for indefintiy. This is my final request for this place. Till then, Pingas 

Haedman (User:Professor Pickles) Singing off forever or a very long time. 

XYBgt.gif GG get rekt u scrub --Professor Pickles (talk) 12:20, May 24, 2014 (UTC)