Welcome, Professor Pickles here with another guide. This time, I'll be showing you guys how to deal with brony haters.

Now what is a brony hater? Well brony haters are people who don't like bronies, simple as that. I bet you guys are thinking

"Man, this man is rustling my jimmies. I wish I can just rekt him right now" Well there is a solution to avoid issues with an Anti-bronies. I shall post a scenario and then list the steps.

"Random man walks into store with brony shirt. Nobody cares except for one guy. He tips fedora and walks up to you with angry face."

Hater: "Dude, you are a cheeky scrub for liking MLP. Take off the damn shirt and go away?"

Brony:" Dude, I'm just wearing a shirt. Nothing to overreact to."

Hater: "You cheeky monkey. Get out of here you muff cabbage."

Uh-oh. You seem to be in a situation with an Anti brony. This is how you deal with him/her.

Step 1: Take a deep breathe.

Step 2: Relax and think of happy thoughts.

Step 3: Proceed to walk away or ignore the hater because there's no point in arguing with the hater.

There you have it, how to deal with brony haters. Have a good day and take care.