You, yes you, share your creativity by writing a short story. That's right, a short story. It can be of any genre as long as it's Safe for work cause you don't want to get in trouble eh. Here, I'm going to share a story about something that happened to me. The stories can be mlp related or not

Genre: Horror

Title: The curse of Sales

"One day, I was walking back from S.A.T school to see that my laptop was on although I turned it off before I went to school. I heard a weird noise. It sounded like a song. I heard the words "Are you ready for a miracle!" Curious I was, I decided to check my laptop to see if anything uncanny was happening. Suddenly, my laptop showed a picture of Gabe Newell. I jumped as my laptop did this action on its own. I was frighten by this. Suddenly, I heard Gabe newell talk. He said "Hopefully, it was worth the wait." I was screaming as this occurred. Suddenly, the room started to shake. My wallet which contains all of my money started to get fly out of my pocket. It was getting sucked into my laptop. Then, my laptop showed a page of the Steam Summer Sale. I quickly tried to grab my wallet to resist buying all these games on sale because I'll never have the time to beat them. Sadly, my wallet got sucked into the machine, and I lost all of my money. I tried to resist the sales, but IT"S NO USE. I am now sad because I have no wallet nor have money. Suddenly, Gabe Newell's head appears out of my laptop. He whispers to my ear, "Resistance is futile" The end"