Fluttershy excited S2E07
friendship is a beautiful thing that can happen to you and love, but everybody will always have a friend inside ther hearth's and you will get the friend that is right for and not for anybody else, but for you. You need to treet a friend whit respect just like the elements of harmoni honesty, loyalty, laughnes, kindes, and generosity
this is what a friend has to have in is't wonderfull   hearth.
Rainbow Dash walking S2E07
You never should get mad at yor friends because everything can be solve but if it continues that problem whit your friend you need to stop this realoshinship nobody should make you do what you dont want to do, dont be afriad to speak up just do what is best for you.

FANMADE Twilight Sparkle character art new Fighting is Magic
dont even make your selve look coler because you are just making your selve look ridicuoles which it dosent go whit anyone in this hole world everyone has a coler style that is different then enyone thats what make you special you will be coler if you dont make your selve get out of your style.

At the Gala - main cast singing S01E26