if you like magic and always try to make it and it dosent work this is another type of magic that you can only discoverd if you have a heart. Well if have never find out the simplest magic..... im going to give you the answerd to you, this magic is call friendship, is the most beatifull fairy tale in this world including love becuse to get to love you need friends if not from would you do get your boyfriend or girlfriend, first you need to now them, thats when you start geing out and also that when friendship comes out then when you know him or her you start to fall in love until you are boyfriend and girldfriend.

Fluttershy frustrated S3E1
if you are really fall in love then you shouldent breakup by some one that dosent want you to be together ,your love should fyt more then the person that wants to saperate you and your parten you have a protectiong that protects you and your girldfriend or boyfriend and if that person want to break up whit you well then you should let your girlfriend or boyfriend go dont go being them just let them go and you will not sufer.