It was a bright and shiny new day, and Princess Luna wakes up. Although she sleeps throughout the day and guards Canterlot in the night, Princess Luna wakes up to try Princess Celestia's breakfast. Princess Luna hears Princess Celestia calling her for breakfast.

Princess Celestia: Princess Luna, my good sister, come wake up and eat some breakfast! We've got a lot of things to do, because the Annual Celebrity Celebration takes place here, in Canterlot, and we need to call our young mares over! We need Rarity's fashion skills for the fancy atire, Applejack's baking skills for the food, RD's flying skills for the Sonic Rainboom at the end, Fluttershy's animal skills for the grand opening and closing music, Pinkie's party skills for the host, and Twilight's organization for the orders.

Princess Luna then realizes that she must get the young subjects as soon as possible before the Royal Guards clear out the houses for decorations.

Princess Luna: I think we should call them over now, before our Royal Guards start clearing out the houses.

Princess Celestia: Great! But, I think I'm pretty busy. You can call them yourself! Don't worry, I've got Twilight's number on the home phone. Find it at the number list!

Princess Luna: Got that.

Princess Luna heads over Princess Celestia's room, and finds the home phone on the floor. Unfortunately it has ran out of batteries wile it has been laying there on the floor overnight. Luna tries to find a solution to the problem. Luna had no more time, because Princess Celestia was preparing the breakfast on the table. Princess Luna used her phone instead, but she forgot that she didn't have Twilight's number. Princess Luna checks Celestia's phone, but instead, she just enters an app that includes coloring, drawing,