It was just an ordinary day. Twilight was up reading the Supernatural book on her bed while Spike sleeps on his little manger. 

       Possibly Princess Celestia has something for me to do. Twilight hopefully thought, turning the page with her magic. Suddenly Rarity and Fluttershy open the library door, running upstairs.

   "Rarity? Fluttershy? What are you two doing on this fine winter day?" Twilight asks, closing the book. She sees that the weather must have been colder than yesterday since Rarity and Fluttershy are bundled up in big snow coats. Rarity wears a periwinkle scarf, a turquoise bonnet, fuzzy snow shoes, and a fit snow coat. It is as if Fluttershy is warmed by her yellow wing feathers, she is just wearing blue snow boots and a fuzzy snow jacket with her hood pulled on.

          "We have just gotten a message from Princess Celestia. It is important for us to quickly take the train to Canterlot. King Sombra has returned." Rarity says in a dramatic voice. 

    Twilight gasps and quickly wraps herself in a winter outfit. She wakes up Spike. Spike sees that Twilight had laid out an outfit for him to wear. He rubs his eyes and looks at Twilight. "Are you sure?" He says childly, and Twilight nods. "It's important for you to get warm in this kind of weather. We're taking a train to Canterlot, where we will await orders from Celestia.