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  • Rainbowrules

    I'm So Sorry!

    October 22, 2015 by Rainbowrules

    Wow. I'm really disappointed in myself! I feel really really bad that I had you guys wait more than a month for these... I'm so sorry, and I hope I can make it up to you sometime! (I'm just so busy... eighth grade is really tough) 

    I actually drew the traditional ones a few days after they were requested, but I didn't post them because I like posting everything at once, and the digital OC wasn't done yet. The digital ones take a lot longer, and I don't have that sort of time... Again, I'm sorry! But I hope you like these ones! :) 

    And yes, I forgot to color in the stripes on Rarity's shirt. I appologize! 

    If anyone would like anything drawn for them, (traditionally or digitally) please ask below! 

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  • Rainbowrules

    Hi everyone! Back again with these long awaited requests! 

    (school, homework, musical rehearsal, exuses exuses) 

    1: So, I forgot that this was supposed to be digital about halfway through the coloring... so I went and finished the traditional one but I will get to work on the digital one right away! 

    2: I don't think I was ever given the coat color for this one... So I'm not quite done, don't worry!

    3: Hope this is what you wanted! :) 

    As usual, If anyone wants their OC or a canon character drawn traditionally or digitally, just ask! But, I'd prefer you used the comments to tell me what you would like instead of my Talk Page? I don't check it often, but it's perfectly okay if you don't! :) 

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  • Rainbowrules

    Requests are Done!

    August 20, 2015 by Rainbowrules

    As always, I'm going to apologize for taking so long! I hope you guys like them!

    Sorry the first photo is a little dark! I couldn't get the lighting right... 

    I apologize that Rainbow's tail got cut off in the picture, and that it is kind of a dark image. 

    Also, I'm sorry if the colors for CreeperMan aren't exacly accurate! I didn't have a bright enough green. 

    If anyone wants their OC or a canon character drawn traditionally or digitally, just ask! 


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  • Rainbowrules

    Hi! I am finally back with the long awaited requests! 

    I'm so, so sorry for the extreme wait! My internet was completely out for a long time and we just got it fixed. I know I always have some excuse for why I am so late but this I really couldn't help! 

    And sorry for the bad quality images! 

    Sorry for the weirdly colored Seaswirl too... Purple is really hard for me to work with! 

    And, I really don't think I am able to do the Princess Luckwing rainbow power in digital! I am so sorry, but I can do it in traditional if you would like? Or do something else for you? 

    Whew so many things to be sorry about! 

    Anyways, I hope you like these drawings! (is the Rainbow Dash lifeguard what you wanted? I can always change it. :) ) 

    If anyone wants their OC or…

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  • Rainbowrules

    Twilight Sparkle

    July 7, 2015 by Rainbowrules

    I am very sorry that I forgot to post this! I drew this very early on, and forgot it was a request! But here it is, I hope it is okay for you! 

    Purple and blue are the hardest colors for me to work with. 

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