Hi everyone! So, I have been working on my requests, and I realized that I had a new style! I can outline in pen, instead of colored pencil! Here are some examples of what I've done below... I personally think it looks better, but I was just asking if I could do my traditional requests in this style instead... It's your descision! If you don't reply, I am just going to do it in pen. These pictures are in pretty bad quality... sorry bout that. The SUPER sparkly mare in the picture of the three ponies I did with a glitter pen, and it turns out it looks really bad photographed. (also that one wasnt colored in)

Btw, I HAVE FINISHED the request of the digital brown OC that was originally done on Paint. I just need to upload it, which might take a while. :) 
FANMADE OC family Shimmering Star, Summer Breeze, and Canopy