So, I just saw the premire of Rainbow Rocks yesterday! Has anyone else? I thought it was much better by Equestria Girls by A LOT. I feel like they really knew the fans better, and what they would like. They got Lyra and Bon Bon, Octavia, Maud Pie, Bulk Biceps, and more Derpy and Vinyl Scratch. The only character I was surprised that they didn't get Dr. Whooves... 

I also thought that the Dazzling's songs were creepier but just the tiniest bit better than the Rainboom's songs. I dunno, I like creepy sounding music. Don't get me wrong, I liked everyone's songs, and I though "As Awesome as I Want to Be" was hilarious! 

AND THEY HAD ART AT THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, art is my overall FAVORITE thing! (exept for, you know, family and stuff) Does anyone know who did it, and if you do, could you tell me? They were totally awesome! 

Okay... The VERY END of the movie completely freaked me out. (It was like all the Marvel movies I thought...) Brrrr it was really creepy. The real EG Twilight was in her house with the real EG Spike and they were researching CH or something... Darn I forgot. Well, I think that there will be a third EG Movie! I am sure I am forgetting something that I meant to say, but for now...