chapter 1: the chase             

9:00 am: ponyville

As everyone was going on they`re normal buisness a speddy object flew by... it was rainbow dash.

She was on pursuit of a figure in purple running through alleyways and shortcuts to get away from her.

It turns out a theif had stolen elements of harmony and is running of with it.

As things heated up Twilight and co. were also after the scoundrel.

Finally they cought up and almost had him but two figures in red and green had appeared and already dealt with him.

The figures explained that they were the super mario brothers, greatest plumbers in the mushroom kingdom.

"you`re PLUMBERS? not verry supper to me." rainbow remarked.

"Rainbow they cought that feind be happy they weren`t also theives!" twilight replied.

As they conversed the theif (being nabbit of course...) woke up and tried to get away...