I am happy for Twilight that she got her new wings. But seriously? A princess? I know that if a pony becomes an alicorn, they are automatically princesses, then why make her wings in the first place? Look at Season 3 Episode 13, the Mane 5 and Celestia bow to Twilight as she is a god. Honestly, this sudden burdenon Twilight and social class status change is really unnecessary. Even if she stays in Ponyville and contines to live in her library and do normal stuff, why was it necessary to make Twilight a princess?

This puts a lot of the storyline's focus on Twilight now, and she becomes very important. This pushes the Mane 5 off to the side now (as in importance). Though Twilight may have a "new chapter" in her book, what about the rest of the Mane 5? What will happen to them? Is she going to rule lands? In Season 2, -my favourite season- each character in the Mane 6 was important in their own special way, and they all were about equal status; this formed a pretty strong friendship bond. I feel that the 6 should be benefitted as a group, not just equipping Twilight with all the gear. Not only does it seem that the Mane 5 are being lowered (as in importance to the story) but Twilight is now very important and her social status is pretty high. 

This social class difference will definetly change the 6's friendship. Just look at how everyone treats Luna and Celestia. It's either fear or kissing up to them. The Mane 5 even bowed down and kissed the floor to Twilight. Although  the ponies are happy for her, I'd like to see how this new change will play out. I hope that they don't end up fearing, obeying, and follow Twilight because of her status as "princess". The status puts Twilight out of their league, so I'm assuming if they talk together, it won't be as casual or friendly anymore. They will have some extra respect or honour for Twilight. Even with my constant arguing, I believe that they will make it all work. Can't wait to see how it all plays out. Ranebough Dash (talk) 10:11, February 23, 2013 (UTC)

Princess Twilight pointing out friends S3E13

It won't be the same Mane 6, it will be a ruling princess, and a forgoten Mane 5