There is this thing in my head right now as I'm typing this blog post up. I just wonder what year MLP:FIM (not EG) was set. There might be a lot of old technology (very nostalgic!) but some very modern things such as 80s Cherilee and DJ Pon-3 as well. Here's the lowdown...


Princess Celestia S1E05
The technology may seem nostalgic and old-fashioned, such as ponies using quills instead of pens and gramaphones instead of CDs and the like, there is also some evidence that the show is set in a modern period, such as DJ Pon-3. DJs were not really in fashion until the 1980s came along. Big speakers like those shown in the photo below did not really exist in olden times.
DJ Pon-3 about to start the music S2E26


The transport that is used in the show is rather old-fashioned. I mean, who would use steam-powered trains these days unless they are doing a history exhibition?

Applejack boards the train S2E14


C'mon we had 80s Cherilee (when she was younger) and the CMCs singing a song with heavy influence from the 1980s. And we also have Pinkie Pie's mane, that kind of style was very popular back then. But Rainbow Dash's mane style was quite popular in the 2000s, and her style is also very reminiscent of that decade too with her cap and shades and that "yo dawg I'm so cool" attitude. Does this mean that MLP:FIM was set in the 2000s or beyond?


Looking at all of these traits and features of the show, in my opinion, MLP:FIM should have been set at around 1995-2005, strongly considerin how Cherilee looked like as a filly, DJ Pon-3 and Rainbow Dash's style. However, it might not be set in the present or the future because of the types of transport being used and the old-fashioned quills.

VERDICT: Around 1995-2005.

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