So, it shows the carasoul boutique from the outside, its night, its dark, and its thundering and raining. we seen the siloette of rarity with mangled hair. it shows her writing a letter. she opens the door and a gust of wind goes flying through her home. she magically picks up her bag and leaves. the camera pans to raritys desk, no letter. the camera zooms down and the letter is way underneath her desk.


there's a little caption at the bottom of the screen saying "1 week later". it shows twilight in her library reading or something. then fluttershy bursts in all crazy and twilight is startled. fluttershy looks at her feet and says really quietly "oh, sry. but theres an emergency!" then spike walks by with an ice cream cone saying "oh give me a break." fluttershy then says that Rarity missed her afternoon spa treatment. then twilight asks "why is this so bad?" then fluttershy practicily shouting says "Shes never missed her afternoon spa trestment!!!!!! Dont u get it, shes missing!!!! oh, sry." then spike says "Twilight, we gotta save her!" then twilight says "from wat, a lack of a hooficure? lets just go to carasoul boutique so i can prove to you that shes fine."

while walking to carasoul boutique, fluttershy and spike have worried faces. twilight says, come on guys, your all getting worked up over nothing. *then twilight sings a song for them saying not to worry. blah blah blah.* but on the last note of the song, pinkie pies signing with them. twilight says "what are you doing here pinkie?" then fluttershy says "arre you looking for rarity?" then pinkie pie says "ya. im handing out party invitations for the party im throwing for absolutely no reason. shes first on my list cuz im going alphabeticly." then twilight will say "wait, if ur going alphabeticly, wouldnt applejack be first?" then pinkie pie says "maybe in ur alphabet!" the spike cuts in saying "were getting off the subject! we just need to find her." then pinkie pie says "we? why are u guys looking for her?" then twilight says "fluttershy and spike think that rarity is missing. im taking them to her boutique to prove that shes fine."

then it shows carosaul boutique from the inside. its all dark. then u hear fluttershy kicking down the door. "oh, sry." then twilight and spike and etc are walking through her house. then they all meet in her main workroom. twilights the first to speak saying "how can this be? where did she go?!" then pinkie pie says "maybe a giant flying cow flew in and swooped her up for dinner!?! aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!" then it shows twilight mumbling "how can this happen..." then spikes wailing on the floor and fluttershy says "everyone stop!!! oh sry, but this isnt helping her at all! and maybe she just in town." then spike and pinkie and twilight run out the door in a flash leaving fluttershy. she says "hey wait for me!"

then it shows the streets of canterlot. we see lots ponies (including derpy). then it shows a fasionable unicorn(obviously rarity) with a pale blue coat and a light and dark pink mane. she also has light purple eyeshadow. she walks behind a store hold a bunch of bags, she quietly says "3-2-1" then she pokes out from behind the store and bumps into fancypants!(on purpose) she says "oh my, im terribly sry(shes trying not to use her real accent). Im just trying to get back to my loft on main street(*try to help me come up with a better street name)." then fancypants says, "u live on *main street*? well, u wouldnt mind joining me and my collegues at the theater tonight miss..." rarity shortly replies "daphne." ('once again help me give her a better alias.) then he says "its at 7:00. i hope to see u there." once he walks away she says to herself in her normal accent "a star is about to be born!"

Then back in ponyville, pinkie, twilight, spike, fluttershy and rainbow dash and applejack are running rampage through ponyville asking if anyones seen her. then they all meet back at raritys house. rainbow dash says "we looked everywhere in ponyville!!! where can she be!?!?!"and then everypony starts freaking out. Then twilight says "everypony! we need to be rational! we need to do this logicly!" then the ponys + spike are in the bputique with a griffin (help me figure out a good mythical creature) . applejack then says "hiring a detective smart thing to do?" then spike says "it is if we can find rarity!" then twilight says "ssssshhhhhhhhhhh! hes working!" then the detective says "ive come to a conclusion." then all the ponies+spike say simaltaneiously "what!" the the detective says "clue number 1: a tuft of pale blue fur. clue number 2: a strand of pink hair. clue number 3: no sign of rarity." then the dectective says "a giant flying cow with blue fur sneaks in to carasoul boutique. he coughs, a strand of hair from his last victim was caught in his throat! then he swooped up rarity for dinner." pinkie pie then says "I KNEW IT!" Then twilight says "alright mr.dective, were done here." then the detective leaves. then spike says "shes really gone?" then twilight says of course not. let me just go check something."

then it shows "daphne" in canterlot becoming popular bla bla bla and being famous bla bla bla. * I think i wanna put a song here about rarity signing a song that "shes so happy i did this, but i still miss my friends." and twilight and company will be signing the same song but theyll be saying "we cant believe she did this, we miss her so."

then fluttershy, spike, AJ, and RD are sitting in raritys workroom. then twilight comes back and drops three bottles of empty dye. Twilight then says "she obviously disguised herself with a pale blue coat, and a light and dark pink mane! shes run away!" then RD says "well, she could be anywhere! manehatten, fillydalphia, canterlot, cloudsdale, the everfree forest..." then spike kneels on the ground and yells "nooooooooooooooooooooo!" then AJ says, "no ponies left behind!" then they all do a six-way bro/claw hoof.

the ponies + spike are walking through canterlot. theyre asking everypo if theyve seen a pony with a pale blue coat and a pink mane. but every pony only says "arent you the ones from ponyville that ruined the garden party?" then twilight says "we should ask the princess. because these ponys are simply rude." then theyre all in canterlotcastle talking to the celestia. she says "great. ive been waiting for an opportunty to educate the public about the pony pox (help me come up weith a better virus idea) then all the ponies say "wat?"

then, princess celestia is walking into the streets of canterlot. she says "residents of canterlot, join me at the canterlot theater immediantly." all the ponies start walking in the direction of the theater.

then everyones settled at the theater. the princess comes out and says "it is come to my attention that there has been an outbreak of *pony pox* in fillydalphia......" the 5+spike are standing behind the curtain with other doctors and nurses. theyre all syaing stuff like "how are we gonna pass as doctors" and "remember, pale blue coat an pink mane" then u hear celestia on stage saying "my assistants will be giving u the vaccination to prevent this disese. group number 1 will be checking the stallions." then a group of doctors from where the 5 are standing walk out. then celestia announces "group two will be checking the mares." then the 5 + spike walk on stage. rarity/daphne gasps.

there are three tents with a long line coming out of each one. in tent number 2 the 5 + spike were working. they saw no sign of rarity. meanwhile, in the mare line, rarity is sulking in the back. in front of her are only two mares left!

meanwhile inside the tent, twilight says "i need a water break." as soon as twilight steps out, rarity/daphne steps in. she says "what are you guys doing here!?!?" then rainbow dash tackles her to the ground. applejack is atempting to pull rainbow dash away. pinkie pie is going of about the flying cow, and fluttershy says "*deep breath* yay. BUT HOW COULD U..." and spike is sobbing on the ground.

outside the tent twilight is standing and says "rarity?" then fancypants says "whats all the commotion?" then u hear fluttershy yelling "RARITY blah blah blah..." then fancypants and twilight look at each other and nod their heads simaltanuesly. they both burst into the tent and pull everyone into seprate corners using their magical unicorn powers. then rarity/daphne is seen standing up all manggled from the commotion. fancypants says "daphne? but i thought u all said ra-" then rarity cuts him off saying(in her normal accent) "daphne is rarity, me." then everyone says "what" simaltaneously. then she turns to her friends and says "didnt any of you get my letter?!?!?" then they say "what?" then rarity shortly replies "im going to have to say this right here right now arent i. hmmmmm. well, it all started at fancypants crystal fair afterparty. (then theres a flashback rarity narrates as followed) i was starving and 15 minutes early. the orderves were still cooking and i couldnt leave becasuse i had already signed in. then i remebered pinkie pie packed me a party pack! it was full of cupcakes, lollipops, and sugar galore, before i knew it, sugar rush. my first sugar rush. the party was starting to get kicking while i was throwing cupcakes! i was a mess and i was humiliated. then, fancypants walks in, spotlight on him, fasionably late. i was having a sugar rush, i did the one thing people do when the have sugar rushes. throw cupcakes. thats right, i threw a cupcake at u fanypants and ran. i woke up in an emoty candy shop surrounded by sugar. what had become of me. (flashback ends.) so i did the only thing to do, run. i gave myself a disguise. (she picks up a bucket of water and dumps it over herself revealing a white coat and a pourple mane.) and a new name." then twilight says "this is not the rarity i know, i know a fearless-" then rainbow dash says "brave" then fluttershy says "generous" then applejack says "pure" then pinkie pie says "fantabulicious" then spike says "most beatiful unicorn in all of equestria!!!!" then twilight cuts in saying "that we know. come on, lets clear your reputation!" then rarity says "how!!!!! my life is ruined!!!" then fancypantws says "no, your the most generous, friendly, caring, not to mention, gorgeous pony in all of equestria! we all forgive you!" then it shows raritys eyes sparkling.then it shows fancypants eys sparkling. then the camera shows rainbow dash whispering to applejack "is it just me, or do i see some sparks flying around here?" then twilight says "rarity, we all forgive you, but, you are still humiliated beyond all reasons." then rarity whimpers and then starts sobbing and says "your riggggggggghhhhhhhht!!" then twilight says "but, youve just started the latest party trend! pinkie pie, im gonna need 6714 cupcakes!" then pinkie pie faints.

at the bottom of the screen it says 6714 cupcakes baked later. then it shows a party in canterlot of everypony throwing cupcakes and haing a good time. and then rarity writes the letter to princess celestia saying that u shouldnt run from ur trouble, you should face it and realize that whats done is done. but, that somehow, the situation will flip to a winwin. then the camera shows spike saying to fancypants "hoofs off bro! raritys mine!" then it shows fancypants all confused and a cupcake splatters the screen and the episode ends.

Im sorry its so long, but i hope you read all of it!!! :)