Rarity and Spike

There are a lot of details about Rarity and Spike. Rarity is a unicorn. And Spike, is a dragon. As their own a diffrent kind. Their friendship could be special. Formaly its not popular. But I though. In the case there will be showen some images and pics. Rarity is a unicorn and her element of Harmony is GENEROSITY. She helps her friends, and makes them happy designing a dress. Her dream was finding prince but her dream kinda of didnt aprouve. But soon in the future I guess. Spike is a dragon that helps Twilight. But the friendship and personality like a dragon is diffrent. He is abviously a nice and a kind little dragon. 
Spike "I don't understand" S2E20
Rarity Rainbow Dash S3E10
Rarity's surprised face S01E19
Spike is happy that Rarity's eating his pie S3E9