We all have hopefully seen the episode of season 4 called the Equestria games. In that episode spike is always trying to redeem himself, but nothing seems to go his way. Spike is not your most serious dragon based off of the information given throughout the episodes. This really shows when he sings the anthem for what town in Equestria? In the comments, post the town and the names of the three winners. The answer will be placed in the next blog post. Do you know my little pony Equestria games? Well, we will see in your comments. Also, be sure to check out the pictures that i will post, and tell me your favorite one! This was a blog post by Rarity, and have a fabulous day!
Spike sleeping S1E11

Spike does not want to wake up in winter wrap up! He will sleep almost anywhere that he can!

Twilight and Spike surrounded by parasprites S1E10

Spike and twilight sure made tons of new friends in swarm of the century!

Spike "she didn't go for the mustache" S1E06

Spike stache!

Spike bed parasprites S1E10

I don't do mornings.

Spike running away from wardrobe screen S1E03

No make overs! Please i beg you! Make it stop!