Everyone loves princess luna. Including me, I think she is SO AWESOME and i hope she stays that way till the end of time. I'm definitley a child of the night. ; ) Get it? Any way But I also LOVE Celestia  as well. I don't know why people hate her. ( Please don't get mad.) Celestia is beautiful , kind , loving and powerful. So seriously what is the deal? I don't mean to offend anyone . I'm sorry if I am, truly . I just think Celestia  needs more love. ( again please don't get mad) She deserves all the love just the same as the princess of the night. So WHAT DO YOU SAY? Let's be children of the light!  Comment on your thoughts on this and please no rude ones or you  will be reported. C'mon guys ! Celestia is awesome and you know it! : ) Untill next time CELESTIA ON!