Hey guys! I came up with another theory! So far I've made 3 . One was an epic fail. But when I'm down I get right back up. Any way, Today I will be talking about  MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you believe in MAGIC?" In a young girl's heart" XD Ok I've asked/ answered myself a question. You know how we see twilight's magic is pink and rarity's is blue. That is visible to us. BUT is it visible to the characters on the show? For EX: In the episode A Canterlot Wedding twilight was having her suspisions about fake cadence.  In her flash back of the REAL cadence, Cadence's  magic was blue when she put a love spell toward a random couple. AND her magic was blue when she saved shining armor. BUT Fake Cadence 's magic is green when she transformed herself and put her spell on shining armor not blue. Some how Twilight didn't notice this. I'm surprised, since she's the element of MAGIC. So that discovery told me No ponies can not see other ponies' magic color. UNTIL I saw one of the Rainbow Rocks shorts. Adagio saw the magic from a distance. So magic color is visible?  What do you guys think? Am I on to something or am I totally wrong again? Remember you can ask about any theory or question about MLP. I'll answer it in a blog post. Also check my other and comment  on my other theories . Untill next time, BRONY ON !!!