Hey guys! I've found another crazy theory only this time I'm not the only one who thinks it. This guy on youtube called The Brony Notion gave out this reallly good theory about star swirled the bearded being discord . Star swirled made an unfinished spell. That's the spell twilight  accidentally swaped her friend's cutie marks with. So the brony notion said that since he had no friends ,which princess celestia said to twilight before the alicorn transformation ( " he didn't understand friendship as you do"), he used that spell to   transform himself to discord. Celestia didn't know this and assumed he just disappeared. That's when discord came in. And also did any one notice that discord knew how to open the mysterious chest in the first place?  Only a magical genius like star swirled could figure that out in seconds.

Besides the  mysterious chest part , this theory did not come from me. It came from The Brony Notion. Go on youtube if you want to see his other great videos.  And remember if you have any mysteries or questions you want answered I'll answer it in a form of a blog post. I always  try to put two and two together :). Until next time Brony on!