This is a question I have been asking myself a lot recently:

When and why did people watching this show become so entitled?

I mean, seriously, why is it that a group of people who the show is not specifically aimed at have started thinking that A. The show should be written purely for them and not for its actual target audience, and B. That the people writing the show must make it fit their own ideas for how it goes.

I guess it started with the whole "OMG DERPY GOT CENSORED" thing, to the point where people still think it was a deliberate and calculated betrayal of the "fanbase". Newsflash, people: She was never meant to be in the show to start with, and the very fact that she appeared more than once suggests one thing to me: That the storyline in the opening two parter is not as good as people like to claim. If it was, people wouldn't be getting bored and spotting the mistakes and animation errors in the background.

And now we have the whole Alicorn Twilight thing. Yes, it's a thing that happened. Is it a good thing? I don't know, because she's been on-screen like that for what, five minutes? And yet we've got people running around like headless chickens proclaiming it to be the final and irrecoverable ruination of the show, and demanding that it be reversed, again assuming that the producers have any reason to listen to people who should not really be watching the show to start with.

Anyway, since I need to go clean the bile off my screen now, and possibly dig a bunker to deal with the inevitable hatestorm, what does everyone else think?