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  • Raven biter 114

    Last time, I did the Top 10 songs from the Show, but Rainbow Rocks has just enough songs for its own list. I will be including all songs, from best to worst, but since there are 11 songs total, 1 didn't make the cut. That song is: The Bad Counterspell. I honstly don't see how that counted as a song, really. Oh, and no matter how much $wag it had, Snips and Snail's Rap didn't make the cut either.

    This is just an insturmental piece, and it counted as a song, so I don't have much to say about it. It was a half-decent piece, but I prefer when a song has words, unless it is Green Onions. Green Onions is the coolest sounding music ever made.

    Better Than Ever is pretty much just the rehersal song. It has no purpose in the film, and I think they jus…

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  • Raven biter 114

    Top 10 Songs Pt.2

    January 27, 2015 by Raven biter 114

    This morning I have the time to make the second part of this list, so let's jump right in!

    Now, this was a song that most of you saw coming on this list, and many of you will be surprised that I didn't put up any higher. But I can't put it above any of my top 4. This is one of those songs that perfictly fits the theme of the episode, and is also one of the only songs that Applejack has a solo in, besides Raise This Barn and A True True Friend. Speaking of A True True Friend...

    Another one that a lot of you were expecting somewhere on this list, and with good reason, too. This song almost makes me feel Nostaligic, it sorta reminds me of the premier. Yet again, it is from probably the most hated episode in the series, due to the fandom rage af…

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  • Raven biter 114

    Top 10 Songs Pt. 1

    January 26, 2015 by Raven biter 114

    Now, as most of us know, Friendship is Magic had some fantastic songs, and these songs are a prime feature of the show itself. As some of you may have read, one of these songs is what got me into the show itself. 

    Now, all of us have our personal favorites, and I will list all of these songs in my top 10. I'm also doing it in 2 parts, because I have a book report due tomorrow, and I have to work on it(I know, petty reason), but I will be posting part 2 later tonight. So, let's start up.

    NOTE: I am including songs from the first Equestria Girls, but Rainbow Rocks has enough to make its own list *hint hint*

    Now, I'm going to start with a fandom favourite, Pinkie's Lament. This is Pinkie Pie's only actual sad song, or at least it starts out that…

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