Top 10 Rainbow Rocks Songs

Last time, I did the Top 10 songs from the Show, but Rainbow Rocks has just enough songs for its own list. I will be including all songs, from best to worst, but since there are 11 songs total, 1 didn't make the cut. That song is: The Bad Counterspell. I honstly don't see how that counted as a song, really. Oh, and no matter how much $wag it had, Snips and Snail's Rap didn't make the cut either.

10.The Rainbooms Battle

This is just an insturmental piece, and it counted as a song, so I don't have much to say about it. It was a half-decent piece, but I prefer when a song has words, unless it is Green Onions. Green Onions is the coolest sounding music ever made.

9.Better Than Ever

Better Than Ever is pretty much just the rehersal song. It has no purpose in the film, and I think they just put it in there to show how their thing about being together as friends again is legitimate. Moving on.

8.Shake Your Tail

You'll find I'm not the biggest fan of the Rainboom's music(save 1 song), because I don't like Pop Music, and I wasn't impressed by their preformance here.

7.Awesome As I Wanna Be

Awesome As I Wanna Be is practically just showing how the Dazzlings are affecting the Rainbooms. It is meant to not mean anything and it borderlines satire.


Battle was a fairly good song, but it served as a Villian Intro. I'm a big fan of Villian songs, but not when they're introductions. We did already know the Dazzlings were the "bad guys" but I still count this as a villian intro, because it is the first time their power was shown.

5.Rainbow Rocks

Betcha a lot of you didn't see this one coming. Yeah, this might be the best Main Theme I've ever heard in a movie, especially a cartoon.

4.Tricks Up My Sleeve

Now we get to the good stuff. When I first heard Tricks Up My Sleeve in the movie, I thought it was just another throwaway song that just wanted a Trixie cameo. Buuuut then I heard the full version that was released on Youtube, and I really liked it. If that was never released, I would have been a lot further back on the list.

3.Welcome to The Show

Okay, here we go. This is a pretty long song, and I am going to break it down into 3 parts.

1.Dazzling section-While I really like the Dazzlings' music, this seems a lot like Under Our Spell, but is good all the same.

2.The Rainbooms show up and start singing, and then the Dazzlings sing a bit more-This is pretty self explanitory, but is still pretty good.

(brief pause for Rainbooms Battle)

3.Sunset Shimmer starts singing and summons the Alicorn God-Thing-The  only reason I am really into this song is because of Sunset Shimmer. She steals the show when she starts, and then summons the god thing.

2.Under Our Spell

Under Our Spell is a masterpiece. It's catchy and has that Dazzling charm I like, and otherwise there's nothing else to say about it. I did previously say that this was my favourite, but that was before I listened to...

1. Shine Like Rainbows

I didn't hear this before because I never bothered to watch the credits. Today, when I was getting ready to put this together, I saw this for the first time, and I was automatically into it. It is the exposition song, and it is just...perfect! 

Next Time

I decided to do this one today, but tomorrow I'm going to do Top 10 Worst Songs From The Show. If I have time, I may get it tonight.