Top 10 Songs Pt.2

This morning I have the time to make the second part of this list, so let's jump right in!


Now, this was a song that most of you saw coming on this list, and many of you will be surprised that I didn't put up any higher. But I can't put it above any of my top 4. This is one of those songs that perfictly fits the theme of the episode, and is also one of the only songs that Applejack has a solo in, besides Raise This Barn and A True True Friend. Speaking of A True True Friend...

4.A True True Friend

Another one that a lot of you were expecting somewhere on this list, and with good reason, too. This song almost makes me feel Nostaligic, it sorta reminds me of the premier. Yet again, it is from probably the most hated episode in the series, due to the fandom rage after the end.

3.You'll Play Your Part

This song is usually forgotten in the wake of Tirek, but it is fantastic all the same. First, Celestia, who I previously mentioned is my favourite character outside of the Mane Six, is once again singing. Cadance sings, too, and she has one of the best voices in the whole show. I am probably going to get raging fans at me for saying this, but I don't really get all the appeal for Luna, most of the episodes she was in, she didn't have much of a big role, save Luna Eclipsed and Twilight's Kingdom. But, all that aside, it is really just setting down the seeds for Twilight to get a bigger role in the  Royalty.

2.The Smile Song

I had a moral debate deciding whether to put this one at 1 or 2, but I couldn't not put my #1 at #2 without feeling awful. Now, the Smile Song is Pinkie's hands down best song. It just makes you feel good. You can't listen to this and not smile.

1.This Day Aria

You all saw this coming, I've even mentioned it before. I'm not going to go into huge detail here, because I've already mentioned it on the page for it, but in short, this song is how I joined the fandom. The reprise is magnificent, too.

What should I do next?

To any of you reading this, I have a question. Next, should I do my Top 10 Worst Songs or my Top 10 Rainbow Rocks Songs? In the comments, tell me which one you would like, the one with the most votes wins.