My Top 10 Songs From Friendship is Magic

Now, as most of us know, Friendship is Magic had some fantastic songs, and these songs are a prime feature of the show itself. As some of you may have read, one of these songs is what got me into the show itself. 

Now, all of us have our personal favorites, and I will list all of these songs in my top 10. I'm also doing it in 2 parts, because I have a book report due tomorrow, and I have to work on it(I know, petty reason), but I will be posting part 2 later tonight. So, let's start up.

NOTE: I am including songs from the first Equestria Girls, but Rainbow Rocks has enough to make its own list *hint hint*

10. Pinkie's Lament

Now, I'm going to start with a fandom favourite, Pinkie's Lament. This is Pinkie Pie's only actual sad song, or at least it starts out that way. By the end, she realizes that she had to challenge Cheese, which wasn't the greatest choice, but my point still stands. When at the end, it is just such a strong song.

9.Raise This Barn

At my ninth spot, we have one of the only songs sung by Applejack in the show. Raise This Barn is a very simple and upbeat. This is one of the songs in the show that didn't need to be in the episode, but it just...fits anyway.

8.The Cafeteria Song

Let me just say that this is the only song from Equestria Girls that I actually liked, the others were either really cookie cutter(This Is Our Big Night)or bland(Strange World)but all that aside, this was one of those songs that sticks in your head, and is a similar song to Raise This Barn, with it being upbeat and simple.

7.Celestia's Ballad

When I saw this episode for the first time, I was shocked that Celestia had her own song. Celestia is my favourite character outside of the Mane Six, and when I heard this, I was amazed. It just showed that Celestia knew about Twilight's fate the whole time, and this whole show up to that point.

6.Glass of Water

This song is Discord, singing a song, while messing with Twilight and Cadance. Need I say any more?