Hey guys, just wondering but uh... do you think having Sunset Shimmer rebuild the part of the school she blew up at the end of Equestria Girls was getting off easy or she be forgiven after everything she did.

Several people believe that the punishment she was given was just a slap on the wrist and I can understand why I mean she did bully everyone in the school, broke up every friendship, humiliate Twilight via youtube, framed her, stole her crown, attempted to strand both her and Twilight in the human world forever, nearly conquered Equestria with a brainwashed teenage army and also nearly KILLED Twilight all because she didn't know how to make friends just like Twilight didn't at one point. But still, we bronies are supposed to be a forgiving people and I believe Shimmer can be redeemed, though it will take time.

So what do you guys think? Do you think she should be forgiven and taught how to really make friends or should they have vaporized her with the elements or used them to banish her? Just remember if you ever attempt to execute someone you'll never give them a chance to change, you can give that person a second chance and that's what everypony deserves, a second chance, why not Sunset Shimmer?

Thoughts? Please comment.