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    By ScarletMarine:

    My Little Starship Troopers - Episode 1: Fall From Valor

    Rodger Young, Corvette-class transport- 04:01:25PM

    Private Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman, one of the Federal Marines, was one of the soldiers to hold the rank and insignia of Private. He was seen guarding the Rodger Young.

    But when arriving at Planet P, bug plasma begins damaging the Rodger Young, resulting the marines to move out. "Hurry up, Private Sherman! We're going to escape the Geronimo!" Yelled Private Vladimir Aleksander Makarov, one of Sherman's friends. "I am trying to, Makarov!" Replied Sherman.

    However, when he was heading towards on of the Fleet Dropships, debris fell into them, cutting Sherman and his team off. Sherman, who was about to escape, noticed a dr…

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